We don’t just provide customers with physical furniture to sit or lay on. Lights and rugs can be a huge decorative addition to any household room. A collection of displayed patterns and designs are available in multiple colors. Some styles offer shag rugs and some classic styles as well. Depending on individual taste, colors can be matched to any contemporary households.


Let there be brilliant light to shield our homes from darkness with the stunning illumination of a contemporary pendant lamp to brighten the rooms of every living space. After the natural light of the day subsides, the lighting within your home during the darker hours of the evening offer multifunctional luminosity for safe and secure visibility and viewing clarity for general sight, reading a book, cooking cuisine, eating a meal, or performing other domestic tasks, as well as providing ornamental accents for a modern and decorative look or creating a desired ambiance for a special evening of solitude, time with the family, or social entertaining. Custom order a lamp in an adjustable size that fits small areas or large spaces from a wide selection of elegant and traditional chandelier styles to chic and innovative artistic designs made from the highest quality hand-blown glass, shimmering crystal, polished chrome, attractive acrylic, and a variety of trendy and sophisticated polymer plastics to reach an enchanting radiance within your home.


Contemporary area rug flooring offers the most versatility and beauty within your living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom or home office, as the design, texture, and color set the tone for the rest of your room’s décor. The colors or patterns from an area rug provide flattering companionship to your most pivotal pieces while matching or contrasting your existing design palette. A room with bold patterns and vibrant colors will benefit more from a demure rug style, but if your walls and linens are more understated, a brightly colored or distinctive patterned rug will elevate the quiet quality of your surroundings. Rooms limited to white walls will gain sophisticated warmth and intrigue from a darker color rug with matching accessories, enabling you to intensify your interior design without the need for a paint brush. A supple soft texture hand made from natural fibers featuring meticulous design and stitching will bring refinement into your home for enduring quality and walking comfort. Choose one large rug or multiple and individual sizes to connect each room or establish a unique theme from one room to the next through the style of your lavish area rug, which you can customize to bring out the best and most elegant colors and styles from the rest of your home’s décor.

Ottomans and Pillows

Choosing the right components to embellish the furnishings within your home can transform a conventional room of stylish restraint into a contemporary gallery of ultramodern magnificence with the threads of your individualism. Ottomans and pillows are the perfect accessories to bind each aspect of your interior décor into a seamless tapestry of domestic fashion and comfort. The ottoman, a model of versatility available in multiple colors, materials, and styles offers an array of functional applications from a relaxing hassock paired with an armchair, glider, or recliner to a stool for additional seating, as well as a lavish coffee table with a convertible cover to a camouflaged vessel of storage space. The pillow, while effortless and malleable in form has the ability to change or define the theme of an entire space with a bold print or subdued pattern, a solid color or combination of hues, or a subtle or pronounced texture from a myriad of fabrics.


Sometimes you need a versatile yet stunning element of furniture that is specific to a particular occasion, accommodating several different functions as needed that can be readily adapted or relocated within the same living space. Occasional furniture delivers those options within the living room, sleeping quarters, office or any other room inside of your home, as well as the veranda, deck, or yard of your outdoor space. A book or magazine holder creates easy access to your reading materials, while a wine rack provides an eye-catching display to showcase your favorite red and white wines. Beautify your garden area by incorporating an attractive floral trough to your landscape design or add an elegant bench as a graceful place to sit upon your lawn. These contemporary accents and more will revitalize the energy of your home inside or out and establish an inviting atmosphere, while helping you to meet all of your occasional needs.