Choice of colors Mirrors

Gaze through a contemporary looking glass of luxurious beauty to see what is captured within the eye of the beholder, bringing a fashionable window of mystique into your living space. Your mirror’s radiant reflection can be custom designed in a circular, rectangular, square, oval, or any geometric shape to complement its designated location within any room in your home. Whether you choose a floor standing mirror ideal for full length viewing or hang it horizontally in a small spot over your bathroom sink, a larger space above your dresser, the length of your closet door, or on a substantial wall area, your wooden, glass, metal, or leather bordered mirror will deliver reflective splendor with functional creativity. Attach a lengthened mirror along the wall of a narrow hallway to create an illusion of width, use a mirror to reflect lighting within a dimly lit room for unexpected illumination or select a collection of similar or contrasting small mirrors to display together as a decorative work of art. A mirror positioned to face a picturesque landscape or an endless ocean can create additional vantage points for even more breathtaking views, while mirrors facing other mirrors can deliver dimensional drama. Design any style mirror to be your desired looking glass for a true reflection of you.