The most essential elements within living room furnishings are the accessorizing pieces that complete your set of furniture to create an environment of transcending unity with domestic functionality for a day of relaxation or an evening of social enjoyment. While your sofa, fireplace, or media center may be the primary focal point of your space, the coffee table is undeniably a centerpiece within the room rendering a style of its own to complement the rest of your décor or to set it apart in dramatic contrast. The shape and length of your table can delineate your room’s dimensions and help to determine the best configuration from a spacious open concept floor plan to a smaller and intimate area.

Eyre Coffee Table

The oval silhouette of the black oak Eyre Coffee Table by Modloft is perfect for a room featuring a minimalist aesthetic with its sleek artistry and chiseled refinement. The wide pedestal style base creates a look of distinctive stateliness with cutting edge finesse. A living room with large or unconventional proportions will benefit from this impeccably crafted coffee table as it provides a convenient surface for beverages, dessert, or ambient candlelight, while enhancing its surroundings.

ESF 1250 Coffee Table

You can never have enough storage options in your home, especially in the living room where being organized and clutter free is paramount to contemporary living. The storage compartments within the versatile 1250 Coffee Table by ESF provide the ideal placement for books, magazines, and other valuable and ornamental items. This stunning coffee table combines the best of both worlds featuring a wenge finish on the lower level, along with the strategically styled frosted glass top.

Cattelan Dielle Coffee Table

Cattelan Italia exceeds all expectations with the opulent design of the Dielle Coffee Table featuring a glistening tempered glass top attached by a radiantly polished metal bar outlining the underside of the glass as a stabilizing brace that sits upon four individual white or black marble plinths as its luxurious foundation. Despite the delicate nature of the glass top, its tempered treatment strengthens it and adds an extra measure of safety for a home environment with more direct contact and this table is available in a square or rectangular shape accommodating an array of room sizes.

The coffee table that you choose for your living room is limited only by your imagination. You have the opportunity to custom order an understated composition with clean lines or a table with storage compartments or shelving in a myriad of forms from round to oval and square to rectangular featuring multiple color options, your choice of glass, wood, metal, leather, and marble finishes, a variety of widths and heights, and several leg styles to accentuate your individuality, while cohesively connecting all of your living room furnishings.