The exterior of any type of home furnishing helps to create the aesthetic theme of your space through its color, texture, size, and style for visual appeal and individuality. However, the inner workings of each piece create the enduring foundation in which your furniture is built upon to cohesively provide a comprehensive final product of exemplary quality and refinement, both inside and out. The beds crafted by Dupen, Spain deliver a complete package of unparalleled beauty from the structurally sound and long lasting platform framework designed to resist breaks, bends, and noises to the meticulous finishing details from the stitching to the welting to the button and linear tufting, setting each bed apart from other brands for a sleeping experience like no other.

515 Alicante Bedroom Furniture Set

The 515-Alicante Bed, inspired by its namesake coastal city in Spain is a stunning display of peaceful relaxation and modern sophistication, providing the tranquil atmosphere that you need for a contemporary styled bedroom retreat. This eye-catching bed can be integrated with its existing surroundings or combined with the 515-Alicante matching Dresser, Nightstands, and Mirror for a complete bedroom set.

615 Meg Bedroom Furniture Set

The 615-Meg Bed will bring a glamorous essence into your bedroom setting with its chic and captivating charm featuring a contemporary silhouette with a unique vaulted and sumptuously padded headboard, along with its flawless top grain Italian leather upholstery. You will sleep serenely night after night knowing that this magnificent display of luxury will not only enhance the style of your sleeping area, but also, it will provide years of unyielding support with its reinforced platform frame made from only the highest quality materials available.

390 Nina Bed

Elegantly classic yet ultramodern with resolute durability are the quintessential characteristics of the Dupen brand creating an interior design of harmoniously balanced proportions as seen with the stunning and innovative 390-Nina Bed. This eclectic sphere of creativity features a smooth and solid metal frame from legs to headboard with captivating geometric details ensuring confident sleeping stability infused with incomparable artistic splendor, blended with its companion furnishings or as a singular delineation of absolute luxury.

The beds created by Dupen, Spain will leave a lasting visual impression while embracing you with unimaginable comfort and consummate quality. Each piece is crafted through the lens of Artisan inspiration using the most advanced, eco-friendly technology and renewable energy available with scrupulous attention to detail and defined focus upon the manner in which it is created from the intricate elements and adornments upon the outer surface to the solid substance of its infrastructure, offering an impeccable portrait of furniture excellence.