Relaxing at home is rare amidst an existence where we often become entangled within ourselves, the things we do, and the business of living from burgeoning careers and educational growth to a regimen of recreational endeavors and other personal activities. The time that you have available to spend within your own residence is vital and this living space should be treated as your own personal sanctuary offering the most suitable moments and style of furnishings that will allow you to put your feet up, quiet your mind, decompress from the day, and renew your physical and spiritual energy. Fjords of Norway combines the individual needs of a worldwide consumer base with the beauty of their ingeniously crafted reclining chairs featuring a unique approach to the aesthetic and functional design, elevating the traditional version to a contemporary phenomenon.

Unwinding will be effortless upon the Fjords Admiral Recliner. This stunning chair is meticulously constructed with physical health and emotional well-being as a primary area of inspiration. The ancillary headrest originates from the Fjords Flexi-Head Pillow System, which provides incremental positioning to accommodate your desired neck and head level, while ensuring the most ergonomic and intense support from every point. The densely padded seat and back cushions, as well as the distinctive footrest demonstrate plush foam conformity with rebounding endurance accented by supple soft armrests for a complete and utterly sublime experience.

Fjords Admiral Recliner

The Fjords innovative designers found a way to introduce more versatility into their masterfully rendered recliners by creating two individual pieces ideal for casual sitting or afternoon napping. The chair and ottoman will work in tandem for more precise continuity, reaching all of your pressure points from your feet and legs to your thoracic and lumbar regions, extending up to your neck and head. The unconventional silhouette of the footrest promotes leg circulation, while the smooth reclining action of the chair controlled by a manual knob adjustment delivers you the most favorable results in full body alignment for the epitome of lounging pleasure.

Fjords Trandal Recliner

The plunging softness of the foam padded seat cushion showcases the unimaginable comfort level that Fjords continually conveys through each of their spectacular furniture components. The 775 Bergen is no exception to the rule with its luscious surface, lasting malleability, linear tufting accents, and stately presence. The Active Release System ensures that you will receive simultaneous head to toe support as your neck automatically moves in conjunction with the angle of your chair to protect and bolster every facet of your spine.

Fjords 755 Bergen Recliner

It doesn’t matter how tall or short you are, because the 622 Grip Recliner showcases an adjustable headrest that fits your specific height, while extending out or retracting back to its original setting for the ultimate in head comfort. In addition, the neck position of this remarkable chair adapts to the smooth recline of the Active Release System for all-encompassing decadence. Every piece created within the Fjords furniture collection is am artistic representation of family, perseverance, and modern elegance with the objective of breathing life into every household around the globe.

Fjords 755 Bergen Recliner