There are few luxurious Italian furniture brands that people are willing to spend the extra money on.  One of them is Gamma. They are not only well known for their exceptional quality and customer satisfaction, but also their slick contemporary design. Gamma needs no introduction to the furniture market, consumers who know their leather, know Gamma. They manufacture all their products using the highest standard leathers, the rawest hides.

Due to the thickness of the leather they use, workers must often cut the hides manually. Then elegant custom stitching is the next process. Behind the scenes they manufacture what you order. Consumers have the ultimate customization tools and pick and choose colors, stitching patterns, etc. Gamma offers nine types of stitching styles for their sectional models.

Sectional sofas such as the Herman sectional can be customized by size, coloring, stitching etc. Bond sofa with goose down fill and Soleado sofa sectional with tufted seating pattern are other models that consumers can get their hands on. Another popular model consists of the Mokambo sectional with its unique inside-out stitching pattern. With any of these sectionals consumers have over 40 leg finishes in metal and 40 leg finishes in wood also.

Gamma coincides unique designing with incomparable leather products. They are pure artists. The purpose of the company is to “aim at satisfying the needs of their customers to achieve exactly what they desire”. Besides displaying the best quality furniture available, owners maintain the elegance of Italian designs.