Nothing expresses contemporary elegance like the brilliance of a glass dining table as the focal point amidst your dining room furnishings. Displaying your fine china, sterling flatware, and shimmering crystal upon a glistening and reflective surface will elevate the beauty of your dinnerware to enjoy during a special occasion or holiday, while socializing with friends, or even during regular daily meals to add a touch of refined charm to your décor, while enhancing your dining experience. The transparency of a glass table top delivers a subtle illusion of invisibility creating an appearance of vastness within the room, yet stands out as a stylishly sleek component of eye-catching modernism.

Acacia Glass Dining Table

The Acacia Glass Dining Table is an exquisite example of the meticulous and inimitable precision of Calligaris’s artistic philosophy of function meets form from the pristine clear glass top to the “branches” pedestal base. The lavish and captivating craftsmanship of this inspiring and intoxicating masterpiece will leave a lasting and fashionable impression upon all.

Diamond Dining Table

The Diamond Table by Rossetto offers a chic rendering of classic reflection in its undeviating linear motion featuring strategically placed inlays of sparkling Swarovski crystals upon a beautiful wooden veneer finish beneath a glass table top that completes this look infusing the essence of vintage past with today’s modern minimalism.

V3 Dining Table

Those with more diverse tastes might be more inspired by the rustic industrial elegance of Nuevo’s V3 Dining Table with a tempered glass top featuring a reclaimed cast iron base reminiscent of the traditional French Colonial garment presses. This uniquely crafted dining table will appeal to your individual sense of Euro-artistry as a conversation piece among visitors, as well as a symbol of your eclectic style.

A dining table sits within the heart of your dining area as a place where family and friends congregate to enjoy quality time and meals together, but it represents more than its fundamental purpose. This dining vessel offers a pattern of style encapsulating the personality of your home and the tastes of each family member living within it, to create a tapestry of contemporary magnificence and individualism. Choosing a glass dining table adds an extra measure of sophistication and visual appeal, whether it is oval, round, square, or rectangular and you can custom order your glass dining table to fit any sized or shaped room in any dimensions, in a variety of colors, leg and base styles and finishes featuring some with wood, metal, or fabric, and your choice of tempered clear and frosted glass tops.