Allow yourself the veritable indulgence of sitting upon a plush sofa designed by Chateau d’Ax of Italy featuring a variety of inviting silhouettes constructed with meticulous precision and thoughtful reverence, along with a fresh perspective of artful sophistication to nuance your home, while adding multiple facets of immeasurable quality, inimitable style, and reflective tonality. A sofa of this caliber has the ability to completely transform its surroundings with polarizing distinction from turning a room of ordinary simplicity into a vociferous bastion of refinement to reshaping a vacillating composition of obscurity into a definitive masterpiece of exquisite minimalism.

Avenue Sofa

The Avenue Sofa is a sumptuous example of blissful affluence with its delineating hints of masculine undertones swept into its stately form, as well as its visual softness eclipsed only by the supple tactility of its top grain Italian leather exterior wrapping the deep and rebounding cushions of foam padding. The wide armrests of unyielding stability exude a feeling of absolute empowerment giving your living room an anchoring centerpiece to set the tone for the remaining areas of your home, while offering captivating fluidity in rich color and unremitting vastness for the inclusion of the room’s companion pieces and décor.

Ginga Sofa

The curvaceous and embracing stature of the Ginga Sofa, along with its pristine hue of pure luxury and stylish button tufting details will deliver awe-inspiring magnificence to a contemporary apartment or an ultramodern house. Reinforced with a break and bend resistant wooden frame and an internal core of innovative elastic webbing weaved within its conforming internal foam padding – this splendiferous seating element will retain its shape for years with malleable durability. Choose this striking piece as is or custom order in a variety of colors, textures, and leg choices, with multiple coordinating components for additional or interchangeable options.

Swing Sofa

Powered motion plays a large part in the design of many Chateau d’Ax furnishings, such as the wondrous Swing Sofa with built-in reclining features that operate simultaneously yet independent of each other for the epitome of his and her relaxing comfort. A flawless sheath of luscious leather adorned by attractive linear tufting provides a touchable yet enduring surface that will astound all with stunning visual allure in a customized choice of textures, colors, sizes, and leg hardware. Chateau d’Ax originated within the heart of Italy and began gracing the furniture marketplace with handcrafted brilliance, while evolving into a compelling line of modern expressive furnishings manufactured by state-of-the-art expertise and application. This memorable collection of sensational sofas will give any residence an endless list of eye-catching options for years of seating enjoyment.