We pride ourselves as a business by only working with the top notch-quality manufacturers from all around the world. The first company that comes to mind when it comes to office furniture is Unique Furniture Office. Unique Furniture Office was originally founded in 1935 in Western Denmark. For more than 75 years they have been producing quality, reliable, and affordable office furniture for companies and individuals across the globe.

Unique Furniture Office consists of three major collections, The 100 Collection, The 400 Collection, and the 500 Collection. The main purpose of the 100 collection incorporates the ability to mix and match items to build individual workplaces. Within this collection you will find Smart desks, a full hutch system, and will have plenty of storage space. Whether you’re a professional working from home, or a student at school, there’s plenty of storage space for all. The 400 and 500 collection offer more refined appearances. These other collections allow multiple wood configurations. Materials available within the collections offer real wood veneer, UV lacquered MDF, or high pressure laminate and engineered furniture board.

Besides a convenient working space, we ensure our customers to be comfortable while they work as well. This is where Unique Furniture’s Office comes in with their inventory of office chairs. With wheels on the base of the chairs it allows for easy maneuvering from side to side along the desk. Options are available such as colors, styles, arms, or armless rests. They have the inventory to fit any budget and any contemporary office.

At the same time, Unique Furniture Office is far from limited to these collections above. Beyond office desks they manufacture conference tables, personal laptop stands, bookcases, and even coffee tables. With a variety of customization choices for any consumer, it’s safe to say Unique Furniture Office should be anyone’s quality choice when considering office furniture. They have proven their worth time and time again for over 75 years, and this is why we work with this company.