Kebe is a company that has perfected all types of furniture to sit on. Unlike any other manufacturer, Kebe’s main focus is on Sofas, Lifestyle chairs, and chairs with footrests. They are so focused on bringing the most comfortable seating furniture to contemporary households that they literally only make these. They manufacture all products in Denmark. Within the category “Lifestyle chairs”, they have over 34 different styles and finishes such as Lilly and Snake models. Their website is very specific with individual dimensions and seat depths.

Next, they have 4 styles of Sofas to choose from. The models consist of Caddy 1 and 2, Caddy 3, Roadster 1 with Fauteuil, and Roadster 3. All are similar with Chrome finishes; however each has different styles and dimensions.

Kebe also offers chairs with footrests, and customers have the ability to choose whether they want a separate piece for the footrest or a built in one. They manufacture chairs in both categories; examples like Tecno FF and Alpha PFF can be seen on their website. With plenty of leather and fabric options, it’s no surprise they are so popular. They have several types of leather available as well such as Soft leather, Semi-aniline Balder leather, and Semi-aniline California leather. Those types are listed by thickness and are price structured from cheapest to most expensive as well.

The biggest reason we work with Kebe is the quality of their product and the affordability it grants customers around the world. Another key element with working with this company is reliable and fast shipping. They allow their inventory for convenient ordering. This directly corresponds to the estimated delivery time for their clients.