Your living room is the entry way into your life’s sanctuary as a place to gather with family, to socialize with friends, to be entertained by various media types, and to leisurely relax during your recreational time. This is the defining room within your living space that represents your sense of style, individual taste, and the essence of you. Its key component within most homes across America and around the globe is the sofa, a simple but commanding presence that brings fluidity and cohesiveness to the rest of your furnishings and décor, creating a soothing and welcoming environment of domestic bliss. The supple texture of top grain leather upholstery upon your sofa delivers an element of luxury into your surroundings, while elevating its level of softness to a boundless dimension.

Bag Sofa by Gamma

The Bag Leather Sofa by Gamma International of Italy is a lavish paradigm of absolute distinction with the unique foam filled and cube shaped seat cushions hand crafted with geometric assertiveness featuring an astonishing touchable surface that will appeal to your senses. You will revel in this stunning sofa’s cutting edge style and profuse comfort.

Natuzzi  B805 Sofa

The fully customizable B805 Sofa by Natuzzi Editions will help you to create a retro- chic minimalist interior design that accentuates your distinctive style of sleek simplicity infused with architectural grace. The clean linear artistry of this flawless display of leather refinement is exceeded only by the quality of its foam filled and reinforced seat comfort, along with its meticulous and enduring craftsmanship.

Artemis Leather Sofa Set

The Artemis Leather Sofa by Rom, Belgium introduces yet another contemporary, sleek, and fashionable style into your home with the power of its linear composition, the ingenuity of its mechanical reclining features with adjustable headrests, and the resilient softness of its Bultex foam filled and reinforced cushions. Designed for an even fit against any wall to maximize the space within your room, this magnificent showpiece will fit within the tight corners of a cozy studio or accommodate the vastness of a large living room with effortless splendor.

The days of being limited to only purchasing the showroom version of a sofa are over, as you can custom order your leather sofa to bring out your personality and aesthetic from a wide spectrum of color choices, an array of flawless leather textures, several matching and contrast stitching options, numerous leg styles and finishes, and multiple sizes in length, height, and width. In addition, you can choose from many adjustable, mechanical, and reclining features with different configurations and companion furnishings for the look and function of your dreams, emphasizing your individuality and carrying your design theme throughout the rest of your home.