Beginning with the meticulous hand design of one mere sofa and ultimately expanding into multiple lines of furniture on an international level, never detracting from its astonishing comfort, uncompromising quality or beautiful appearance – the simplicity of a chair crafted by the Italian furniture conglomerate, Nicoletti heightens its versatility as a chameleon of seating elegance that will fit within every area of the home with accommodating functional superiority and sweeping exuberance.

DIV 848 Chair

Ideal for a domestic setting of creative expression, Nicoletti captures the essence of sofa refinement within the compact structure of the undeniably fashionable and innovative DIV 848 Swivel Chair featuring decisive geometric brilliance with ultramodern charm. Sitting upon a round and polished swivel base, this exciting beacon of evocative elegance will give you 360 degrees of focused attention upon every angle of your living room and the unparalleled comfort adapting ingenuity of its adjustable headrest for an all-encompassing seating experience.

DIV 791 Chair

Curl up in your bedroom sitting upon the remarkable and spacious breadth of the ravishing Nicoletti DIV 791 Chair and allow its immeasurable comfort and vastness to transport you to a world of mystique that exceeds your imagination as you delve into the fictional story of your favorite book. With attractively narrow armrests designed to maximize your reinforced seating space, this luscious and contemporary style top grain Italian leather chair will ensure hours of satisfaction as it embraces you with its curvaceous prominence.

DIV 592 Chair

As telecommuting becomes more prevalent throughout today’s ever-evolving work force – the comfort of the desk seating within your home office is paramount to your level of productivity and professional success. The DIV592 Swivel Chair by Nicoletti introduces ongoing resilience with its deep-rooted elastic webbing support system to maintain cushion form and firmness, while its flawless leather upholstery ensures unyielding softness. Swivel around for convenient access to your filing cabinet, shelving, or other areas of your office surroundings for enhanced organization and efficiency.

DIV 932 Chair

Bring the savoir faire of your gourmet cuisine into the aesthetic of your contemporary dining area with the placement of the exquisite DIV 932 Armchair offering an unconventional approach to table seating with the breadth of its ambiguous and contoured shape supported by break and bend resistant hardwood durability, touchable top grain Italian leather softness, and rebounding cushion grandeur.

The Nicoletti brand maintains an inherent belief system that nurtures and embraces the foundation of family and traditional values within a warm and inviting home environment comprised of contemporary, luxurious, and cohesive furnishings that will reach every geographical region and appeal to every culture, while tailoring each component for individual taste and personal enjoyment.