The face of today’s contemporary home office differs from one to another contingent upon the style and size of your living space, your system of organization, and the desk that you choose for your work station. Some home offices are created from a spare room or den within a house providing a large space for a full work area with closets for storage, shelving for equipment and supplies, filing cabinets for various documents, and supplementary seating for visiting guests or clientele. If you reside within a condo or an apartment, an extra room for an actual office might not be an option and your work area may be more in the form of a nook or an alcove in a hallway or a foyer within your living space. If you have an open floor plan or small room dimensions, you may need to set up a designated work area within the common sectors of your home such as the living room or bedroom, leaving only enough room for a desk and basic storage.

BDI Semblance 5413 Office System

Imagine BDI’s Semblance 5413-DG Desk sitting within your sleeping quarters as an elegant and modern approach to home office space featuring the sophisticated, efficient, and compact three section office system that provides a self-effacing work area with stylishly placed cabinetry for discreetly storing office equipment and other items along with its tasteful shelving for more decorative objects allowing the desk and office system to blend into your room’s interior décor in an unobtrusive manner. You will be able to meet your office needs without diminishing the warm atmosphere of your bedroom. Jesper’s L-Shape Office Desk with Pedestal from the Jesper 2000 Collection will make a stunning addition to any home office, large or small. However, if you have limited area available to you, the L-shape of this fabulous design will fit perfectly within any corner of a living room or bedroom to maximize the floor space, while providing an attractive, versatile, and customizable workstation with a variety of configurable modules for an enhanced system of organization and pronounced style.

Jesper 2000 L-Shape Office Desk

For the home office that demonstrates a clear expression of absolute opulence and grandeur, the Nevada Desk by Cattelan Italia made by the skillful hands of Italian Artisans will elevate your work experience with its luxurious architectural harmony and its fluid design featuring your choice of a white or ebony marble desk top with innovative swiveling drawers for storage.

Nevada Desk by Cattelan Italia

Whether your home office is flamboyant and substantial or diminutive and subdued, a chicly designed contemporary office desk of every style, size, color, finish, and configuration is available to you to create the perfect work space for all of your office needs.