As society emerges into a spectacular world of innovation, every aspect of life is evolving from our level of education and advanced technology to our fashion sense and interior décor. Within that growth, we are learning more about ourselves and becoming more aware of how we think and function as healthy human beings, beginning with the quality of sleep necessary to maintain the clarity of our minds and the strength of our bodies during our waking hours for absolute productivity and success. While the mattress is a key element, the vessel in which the mattress rests upon is even more important, as it provides the foundation and support needed to ensure a night of tranquil sleeping. Although the platform bed has been around for almost 150 years, it has become a more widely accepted and contemporary alternative to the classic bed frame with box spring and mattress styles of today.

Adriana Bed

The Adriana Bed by Dupen Spain combines a vestige of classic yesteryear with today’s modern elegance featuring flawless leather upon a curled headboard adorned with meticulous button tufting details flowing into a linear accented frame. Drift into a peaceful sleep within this platform bed for refined style and comfort.

Jazz Night Bed

Gamma International’s Jazz Night Bed is a stunning display of innovative elegance infused with intoxicating comfort featuring the distinctive and expertly crafted spherical silhouette with a padded contoured headboard for a bedroom with stylish mystique. A night in this contemporary wonder will offer a day of renewed splendor.

Elena Bed

The Elena Bed by Garcia Sabate, Spain is an amazing example of ultramodern brilliance with its unparalleled visual appeal, Avant Garde simplicity, and unique innovative functionality featuring the built-in headboard lighting designed to illuminate the entire room or to create a soothing setting.

Platform beds are constructed using the most durable hardwood available creating a tightly woven slat-style base to cradle an individual mattress and provide enough strength and support to alleviate the need for a box spring or second mattress. The platform foundation is built to sit at a lower height for easy in and out access, offering additional stability to accommodate various sizes, weights, and movement without breaking, bending, or squeaking, while delivering an unyielding consistency to your mattress for added firmness. This is not only a meticulously crafted and heavy duty structure, but also, it is a fashionable masterpiece for the most sophisticated tastes. You will awaken after a night of slumber upon a luxurious platform bed feeling as though you have slept upon a weightless cloud of endless comfort.