Domestic seating is the most essential element within any living space, whether your home is vast in dimension, unassuming through proportional constraint, conventional in design, or evolved through contemporary innovation. Your color, texture, silhouette, and finish choices are infinitely beyond the realm of possibility with the Danish designs of Skovby enabling you to customize an individual or complete set of chairs that reflect your personal lifestyle, distinctive taste, and aesthetic sensibility to augment the existing interior design within your home or to introduce a new and unexpected rendition of your domicile.

Skovby 56 Dining Chair

The statuesque silhouette and delicate slatted contours of the graceful #56 Dining Chair by Skovby will take you back in time to a season of refined traditionalism reminiscent of the unbreakable threads bound within a beautiful tapestry of warmth, family values, and elegant style. The touchable soft texture of the leather seat available in multiple colors and textures offers unparalleled comfort, while the lustrous wooden finish of the solidly built and break resistant frame provides incontrovertible seating tenacity.

Skovby 94 Dining Chair

With historical splendor, the divine #94 Dining Chair by Skovby infuses aspects of the past with the fashion of tomorrow’s innovative design and craftsmanship featuring the ellipse enhanced backrest accentuated by its graceful aperture. The luscious leather and padded seat, custom designed in a myriad of inviting colors delivers simple yet sophisticated elegance as the ideal seating element at a coordinating or contrasting linear or oval table within your kitchen or dining room, ensuring unyielding back support for heightened comfort and enjoyment during every occasion.

Skovby 59 Dining Chair

With restrained conveyance, the quiet arch of the #59 Dining Chair by Skovby delivers ergonomic back support and undeniable comfort as the epitome of a contemporary seating structure. Perfect at meal time within the dining room, excellent for a comfortable office chair, or stunning as accent seating within any area of your home, this artistically styled armchair secured by a brushed steel frame of radiance will last beyond expectation with extraordinary quality and unwavering architecture.

Skovby 69 Dining Chair

Revel within the abounding indulgence of the unprecedented Skovby #69 Dining Chair featuring its all-encompassing tub formation wrapped in the luxurious texture of blemish free bull hide leather tailored to appeal to your personal style and interior design from a spectrum of warm and cool colors options. Cushioned with foam filled richness from an expansive selection of the finest quality materials available, this awe-inspiring chair will complement your existing furnishings in a solid wooden or polished metal frame to meet your desired seating preferences.

The magic that emanates from the Skovby chairs is an inherent affinity for family, cultural diversity, self-expression, and versatile functionality generating a wide range of original creations that exceed all expectations in utility, visual appeal, and luxuriance for seating that truly exemplifies you.