With concentrated focus upon the distinctive cultural, economic, and provisional needs of varying households around the globe – Skovby, a Danish furniture company operated by brothers, Preben and Jørgen Rasmussen creates a dining environment like no other to enable families of all sizes to converge at a stunning yet functional meal table for an enhanced experience of warmth and unity beyond compare. The signature characteristic of the renowned Skovby table is its chameleon ability to adjust in size extending from a small table that will seat four to an astounding length that will accommodate six, eight, ten or more individuals with the use of multiple extension leaves that are held in place without the need for cumbersome storage to ensure seamless lengthening and retracting transitions.

Skovby 23

Luxurious in style, versatile in function, and fully adaptable in size, Skovby’s sophisticated #23 Extension Dining Table made from the highest quality wood available in a myriad of custom ordered finishes to suit your personal taste delivers undeniable opulence to your dining room with its contemporary charm, quality design, and unmistakable fashion. Perfect for an intimate setting of only two or up to six people, this stunning illustration of ingenuity has an option to comfortably and discreetly conceal three extension leaves to adjust its length for up to fourteen individuals.

Skovby 101

In a contemporary living space within a dining room of modest size or within an ambiance of decisive simplicity, the #101 Multi-Function Dining Table on optional wheels offers flexible room to room mobility or easy and convenient relocation within any region of your dining area for refreshing placement ideas. Contained within this versatile and solidly constructed work of art is a spectacular storage solution featuring its unique and subtle gliding drawer created to house additional glasses, flatware, or other needed items, while the flawless design of this gorgeous table allows for seating up to six people utilizing the attached elevating leaves that lock into place to extend its length with the option to disengage for a flawless return to its original size.

Skovby 17

Seating up to ten people, the modern #17 Ellipse Dining Table’s contoured silhouette is an evocative reminder of classic yesteryear with its soft rounded corners and timeless elegance. Built with skilled precision out of solid hardwood for steadfast durability from various wood finishes of your choice, this stylishly appealing table will add lavish flair to your dining area and heighten your existing decor. Although fabulous as is, the two unobtrusive table leaves secured beneath the top surface offer easy access to expand the table for visiting guests or family members. Enjoy pleasant conversation, a gourmet meal or a holiday event with friends or family within your magnificently styled dining room or kitchen without the worry of not being able to accommodate everyone and with the assurance that your Skovby table can be effortlessly converted into your preferred size, enriching its surroundings with Artisanal prowess, traditional inspiration, innovative design, and impeccable craftsmanship.