Davide B969 Armchair with Recliner, Natuzzi Editions

It’s very large and comfortable, designed to be pleasant in literally any position.

Quick Overview

It’s very large and comfortable, designed to be pleasant in literally any position.
Its armrests are a little bigger than usual, just to give you that extra ease you always knew you wanted.
The backrest is pretty tall, so you can rest your whole body against it.
And it’s reclinable, too with that lovely Motion technology that gives you full relaxation at zero effort.
Yes, Davide is a fully reclinable sofa, so you can go into full relaxation mode in no time.
Its leather cover is elegant and understated, with delightful contrast stitching to highlight its harmonious shape.
Take advantage of Davide’s Motion technology: thanks to a set of buttons hidden underneath its cover, you can relax and recline with zero effort.
Dimensions (inches)

W: 45 x D: 41/61 x H: 36
HS: 17


TextureFull Leather

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The country of Italy, it is known around the world as the epicenter of luxury in design. From the newest trends in fashion to home decor, Italy is where creative minds meet and magic happens. So it should be no surprise that this is where the Natuzzi empire began. The Natuzzi group is the largest former Italian furniture company and in 2008 Pasquale was inducted into the American Furniture Hall of Fame. These achievements could only be reached and continue to flourish through dedication. Within the headquarters of Natuzzi is the Style Centre, here is where design and material trends from all over the world are studied by over 100 interior designers and color specialists. All of this research is then applied to every Natuzzi piece of furniture.