Dining Room

When people think of dining rooms, they think of family time spent together. Where memories are shared over several meals per day. Our inventory consists of complete dining sets (tables, chairs, side tables), and individually sold tables and dining chairs. Customers experience the freedom to choose sets or build their own sets by choosing finishes like veneer, wood, or metal. Additional options available are extendable vs. not extendable, colors such as walnut and Wenge (Expresso), and different sizes.

Dining Tables

The dining table is the centerpiece of your dining room or kitchen, a serving station for consuming daily meals, the ideal stage to display delicious gourmet cuisine during holiday events or social gatherings, a meeting place for family members to catch up and connect, and the most pivotal furnishing within your dining room or kitchen décor. Many of today’s tables are nuanced by modern minimalism for a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, while others reflect the retro-reminiscence of yesteryear to achieve a traditional and stylish tone. Designs include several individual, interchangeable, or combined materials such as marble, frosted and transparent glass, graphite, metal, veneer, wood, and leather for the table surfaces, bases, and legs and offer extendable features to accommodate any sized dining space for a large or small family. Tables are available in several forms from rectangular to oval and square to round offering legs or pedestal bases, contoured or linear corners, and single layers or glass tops in your choice of colors, sizes, hardware accents, and textures to enhance your dining experience.

Dining Chairs

A table is not a table until there is stylish seating to bring everyone together around it, making your choice in chairs the most defining aspect of the entire dining room experience. The classic Chippendale or Queen Anne inspired chair truly captures the elegant and imperial tastes of those who have a propensity toward the traditional side of life, featuring various wood and veneer finishes with intricately button tufted seat cushions wrapped in beautiful woven fabrics, while more diverse personalities might prefer less conventional styles made from molded or polymer plastics, luscious leather textures, and metal varieties offering swivel and reclining options, bold colors, and unexpected shapes to bring more contemporary flair into your environment. The design, architecture, material content, and silhouette of your dining chairs, whether simple and linear, timeless and ornate, or audacious and eclectic are paramount in measuring resilience and durability for ergonomic support and seating comfort, while reflecting the personality of your home, your surroundings, and you.

Buffets and Sideboards

Discover the solution for all of your dining room storage with graceful presence and contemporary flair featuring a stylish buffet or sideboard to hold your delicate fine china place settings, shimmering crystal glasses, and glistening flatware. Meticulously designed with Artisan craftsmanship, choose from designs offering cabinets with inside shelving, multiple small and large drawers, a combination of shelving and drawers, or open shelving for exhibiting your most attractive pieces. The versatility of a buffet or sideboard extends to other areas of your living space to be used as an ultramodern dresser combined with a chic mirror within your bedroom for storing folded articles of clothing offering a surface for perfumes, cosmetics, and jewelry boxes or can be placed as an elegant furnishing within your living room for storing photo albums, candles or books inside with framed photographs and knick knacks attractively placed upon the top surface. Built from break resistant materials for endurance, this fabulous display of timeless magnificence can be custom ordered in your choice of colors and sizes from an array of wood, glass, leather, and metal finishes, along with a variety of leg styles to bring effortless sophistication into any room within your home.

Bars and Bar Tables

With lavish style and contemporary artistry, create an engaging and sophisticated atmosphere for entertaining your guests comfortably within your living space featuring a chic and functional bar for serving libations or other refreshments during an evening soiree or afternoon party in your living room, dining room, or recreational room. Choose a bar that sits stationary for long term use or has mobility options with wheels or rollers to move from one room to the other. Offer guests a fashionable and versatile bar table for beverage placement during your social gathering, use the bar table to create a delightful breakfast nook within your dining room or eat-in kitchen, or establish an intimate dining or cocktail area on the veranda, patio, or deck during warmer temperatures for an exciting outdoor oasis. Bars and bar tables can be customized to any surroundings in your preferred color, size, and height with various adjustable features. You have the option to coordinate your retro-reminiscent or ultramodern inspired bar to match your bar tables for cohesion or choose contrasting styles for an element of whimsy or dramatic flair with a wide selection of wood, polymer plastics, metal, glass, or leather finishes to reach your desired look.

Bar and Counter Stools

Whether you have a stunning kitchen island counter or a dazzling pub style bar, the stools that you choose are the key essentials in offering fashionable seating meticulously designed with brilliant metals, durable woods, or flawless upholstery. These impeccable materials are mingled with the superior quality of expert craftsmanship. In many homes, the kitchen is the nucleus for the family that congregates together to eat meals, catch up on the day’s events, do homework, write out monthly bills, or entertain guests. During social gatherings or holiday dinners, the kitchen island is the ideal spot for the preparation and display of gourmet cuisine and hors d’oeuvres, while the pub style bar is a luxurious way to serve cocktails during evening soirees. A contemporary stool that provides boundless comfort and resilient seat and back support is a welcoming element that will accommodate the family’s various activities from child to adult, while delivering eye-catching allure. Select stool styles that flatter its surroundings and you from a spectrum of color choices, sizes, heights, and leg features, including stationary or swivel bases.