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The dining table is the centerpiece of your dining room or kitchen, a serving station for consuming daily meals, the ideal stage to display delicious gourmet cuisine during holiday events or social gatherings, a meeting place for family members to catch up and connect, and the most pivotal furnishing within your dining room or kitchen décor. Many of today’s tables are nuanced by modern minimalism for a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, while others reflect the retro-reminiscence of yesteryear to achieve a traditional and stylish tone. Designs include several individual, interchangeable, or combined materials such as marble, frosted and transparent glass, graphite, metal, veneer, wood, and leather for the table surfaces, bases, and legs and offer extendable features to accommodate any sized dining space for a large or small family. Tables are available in several forms from rectangular to oval and square to round offering legs or pedestal bases, contoured or linear corners, and single layers or glass tops in your choice of colors, sizes, hardware accents, and textures to enhance your dining experience.