Living Room

The style, comfort, and quality of any residence, begins within the heart of the home – the living room. Each piece of furniture and décor sets the tone and backdrop for the rest of the living space from texture and color to style and size, providing a cozy refuge from the world or an inviting gathering place to entertain guests. Every living room design can be tailored to individual taste with our wide selection of sofas, sleepers, sectionals, lounge chairs, and recliners available in an array of high quality fabrics and leathers. Coffee and end tables, TV stands, and wall units are the perfect final touches to leave a lasting impression in the living room featuring various types of wood, glass, or metal finishes with classic and contemporary craftsmanship, to bring elegance into the heart of your home.


The living room sofa remains a timeless and universal seating element within all types of homes throughout the world from a small space with modest surroundings to a commanding tower of royalty with boundless amenities. Choose an architectural style with chiseled angles for a living space that features linear minimalism or select curvaceous contours for a setting with classic warmth. The life of your sofa is contingent upon the quality of materials used such as blemish free top grain bull hide leather, couture inspired fabrics, and solid hardwood construction delivering years of endurance. The comfort of your sofa derives from an array of innovation, featuring reinforced seat supports for spring tension pliancy, Dacron lining for lushness, adjustable back cushions for seat depth, multi-position headrests for head support, and reclining mechanisms for tranquil respite. An impeccable design in your choice of colors, textures, stitching patterns, welting, and leg finishes in various sizes will ensure a striking juxtaposition between contemporary creativity and visual elegance for a living room that exemplifies your individual style.


The sectional sofa offers more versatility and grandeur than any other living room furnishing as its commanding presence guides the composition of its surroundings with eminent style, ample seating, and a plethora of functional features to accommodate the customary and the unconventional dimensions of any sized space. A large living room with an open floor concept can be tempered by the warmth, sophistication, and diversity offered by the detached and individual components of a sectional, while the complete connected piece can bring an imposing essence of power to the most limited living areas. With solid hardwood construction as a foundation of sheer magnificence, the sectional sofa’s strength and sustainability is surpassed only by the quality of each unique facet from coiled spring suspension and elastic webbing supports to foam and feather filled seat and back cushions for continual comfort, long lasting resilience, and awe-inspiring extravagance. Sectionals feature a variety of seating modules from sofa and love seat to chaise lounge and recliners with several displays of ingenuity from adjustable back cushions for seat depth adaptability and mechanically adjusted headrests for neck and back support to elements of convenience with audio compartments, cup holders, and veiled storage areas. Order your sectional in the color palette of your preference choosing from a wide array of the finest leather and fabric options available, with countless stitching designs and colors, leg finishes, linear or classic button tufting, contoured or sleek lines, and an abundance of textures to complete your contemporary oasis.

Sofa Beds

The luxury of a contemporary sofa bed lies within its seamless functionality allowing a full transformation from the light of day to the twilight hours of night, offering creative options for sleeping within the living room, den, or office without the need for a guest room in a home with limited space. The sofa side features the indulging decadence of foam or feather filled seat and back cushions designed to cradle with the elasticity of reinforced webbing supports, along with a variety of adjustable elements for the pinnacle of irresistible comfort, while the sleeper portion offers the innovative cushion containing system that allows effortless opening and closing, extending out into a full bed from twin to king free from confining mattress bars. Overnight visiting guests do not have to seek hotel or motel lodging, because a skillfully crafted sofa bed made with break resistant hardwood framing, supple leather, luscious fabrics, and a multitude of other customizable features will provide the epitome of comfortable seating and restful sleeping around the clock.

Lounge Chairs

Some rely upon lounge chairs to provide the finesse of accent seating for larger sized furniture components within the home, while others use armchairs to provide counterbalance within a room of companion pieces for a perfect working harmony. However, many view the contemporary lounge or armchair as an independent and unbridled paragon of assertiveness with the ability to stand on its own with confidence and sophistication. The ideal lounge chair will offer a place within your living space to leisurely enjoy reading a favorite book, curl up and relax next to a fireplace, sit comfortably while working at your home office desk, or preside with imperial style at the head of the dinner table. With an abundance of precision built styles available with or without armrests from retro-chic reminiscence and Avant Garde minimalism to the soft and ornate contours of romanticism in an assortment of colors, stitching designs with matching or contrast color options, refined fabrics and leathers, and varying hardware choices, you can custom design your lounge chair to accompany your décor with elegance or lead the rest of your interior design with magnificence.


After a normal day’s chronicle of customary domestic and work related activities, relaxing at home in a sumptuous recliner with your feet elevated helps to ease the body’s tension, elicit restful feelings, and create an ambiance of tranquility within your living room, bedroom, or home office. The timeless style of the traditional reclining chair lives on with stronger construction, more lavish materials, and updated and enduring reclining technology, while more contemporary designs bring an element of drama and artistry into your living space featuring the same undeniable comfort, durability, and innovation. Some recliners utilize manual controls, while others are adjusted with powered mechanisms, and a few work in tandem with a coordinating ottoman. The recliner is more than a seat for respite, it is designed to provide neck and lumbar support, promote leg circulation, and relieve stress. Styles vary from the recognized iconic forms to the ultramodern silhouettes with a wide range of color and stitching choices, body frame materials and finishes, fabrics, and leathers with a variety of metal or wooden chair legs and bases from stationary to swivel custom crafted for your personal style and look.

Wall Units

In a world searing with eruptive technological advancements, choosing the perfect wall unit for your living space requires a multifaceted structure that can accommodate more than a mere television or recording device. Today’s media wall units house a myriad of electronic appliances from flat screen televisions, DVR, DVD and Blu-Ray players to video game consoles, audio components, and media storage with several other organizational features. The style of your wall unit can set the tone for the rest of your interior décor as a fabulous focal point or offer the quintessential accent to your established contemporary ornamentation in your choice of complementing wood, metal, glass, or fabric finishes. Each wall unit has its own distinctive personality whether fixed upon a wall, freestanding on the floor, one large and connected module, or several coordinating pieces with shelving and cabinetry for media accessories and decorative elements, offering an array of placement options and configurations for the media world’s ever-changing innovation.

TV Stands

In today’s society, entertainment is an essential part of life offering a relaxing distraction from the every day plethora of work related tasks, domestic chores, and other daily obligations allowing the opportunity to relinquish stress and recharge our internal batteries. TV is an ideal mode of entertainment designed to help us step away from reality for a brief time, clear our minds of the clutter, and amuse ourselves with an array of enjoyable television shows. An attractive yet functional TV stand will enhance that experience providing an aesthetically pleasing position for the TV as an elegant focal point within your room or a strong supportive piece to complement the room’s other furnishings. TV stands feature several storage options from stylish shelving and cabinetry to innovative drawers and hidden compartments to hold Audio, DVR, DVD, and various other electronic components and media, while showcasing your TV as the centerpiece of your stand. Select a style that appeals to you in size that fits your room’s dimensions from a custom choice of textures made from wood, glass, metal or stone with your preferred leg style and finish to make your TV time the most pleasurable.

Coffee and End Tables

Confidence and elegance speak through the various components within a contemporary living room from lavish sofas, multifaceted sectionals, and plush lounge chairs to innovative television stands, architectural wall units, and asymmetric shelving. An exquisite coffee table with complementing end tables are the most pivotal pieces within your living space, as these tables define your room not only polishing your look, but also cohesively uniting each element together to create a sophisticated tapestry of domestic refinement. Choose from a wide selection of coffee and end tables from linear to curvaceous silhouettes to epitomize your personal style, while maximizing your floor space for the optimum furniture placement. An elongated coffee table in an oval or rectangular shape is ideal for a room with oblique or elliptic dimensions, but square or round tables bring flair to rooms with limited floor space and an ottoman style coffee table offers softer visual appeal with a variety of storage options. You can custom design your coffee and end tables individually or as a set in any size or color, in a variety of luxurious wood, metal, glass, fabric, or leather finishes, while harmonizing or contrasting your table styles to add distinction to your décor.