Cattelan Italia Lounge Chairs

Some rely upon lounge chairs to provide the finesse of accent seating for larger sized furniture components within the home, while others use armchairs to provide counterbalance within a room of companion pieces for a perfect working harmony. However, many view the contemporary lounge or armchair as an independent and unbridled paragon of assertiveness with the ability to stand on its own with confidence and sophistication. The ideal lounge chair will offer a place within your living space to leisurely enjoy reading a favorite book, curl up and relax next to a fireplace, sit comfortably while working at your home office desk, or preside with imperial style at the head of the dinner table. With an abundance of precision built styles available with or without armrests from retro-chic reminiscence and Avant Garde minimalism to the soft and ornate contours of romanticism in an assortment of colors, stitching designs with matching or contrast color options, refined fabrics and leathers, and varying hardware choices, you can custom design your lounge chair to accompany your décor with elegance or lead the rest of your interior design with magnificence.