VIG Furniture Wall Units

In a world searing with eruptive technological advancements, choosing the perfect wall unit for your living space requires a multifaceted structure that can accommodate more than a mere television or recording device. Today’s media wall units house a myriad of electronic appliances from flat screen televisions, DVR, DVD and Blu-Ray players to video game consoles, audio components, and media storage with several other organizational features. The style of your wall unit can set the tone for the rest of your interior décor as a fabulous focal point or offer the quintessential accent to your established contemporary ornamentation in your choice of complementing wood, metal, glass, or fabric finishes. Each wall unit has its own distinctive personality whether fixed upon a wall, freestanding on the floor, one large and connected module, or several coordinating pieces with shelving and cabinetry for media accessories and decorative elements, offering an array of placement options and configurations for the media world’s ever-changing innovation.