Polaris Grey Contemporary Leather Sectional Sofa

Dimensions (inches)
3 Seater: W85" x D44" x H37"
Corner: W51" x D51" x H37"
2 Seater: W54" x D44" x H37"
Chaise: W62" x D44" x H37"
Ottoman: W62" x D33" x H18"


Polaris (5022) - Grey Contemporary Leather Sectional Sofa is an ultra elegant and modern living room furniture that looks as if it came straight from the future is actually a very modern, high quality piece that can be customized to suit personal preferences in colors and layouts. With its beautiful design, comfortable leather upholstery and ingeniously inserted lights, this sectional sofa is perfect for seating or relaxing. The light that is beautifully incorporated in the sofa are not only great for light reading, it also provides a warm, cozy ambience.


TextureLeather\Leather Match

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Set The Tone With A Leather Sofa That Personifies You

Your living room is the entry way into your life’s sanctuary as a place to gather with family, to socialize with friends, to be entertained by various media types, and to leisurely relax during your recreational time. This is the defining room within your living space that represents your sense of style, individual taste, and the essence of you. Its key component within most homes across America and around the globe is the sofa, a simple but commanding presence that brings fluidity and cohesiveness to the rest of your furnishings and décor, creating a soothing and welcoming environment of domestic bliss. The supple texture of top grain leather upholstery upon your sofa delivers an element of luxury into your surroundings, while elevating its level of softness to a boundless dimension.