With today’s technological advancements, a modern business professional has the ability to start a small business, build a company brand, or operate a multimillion dollar corporation from the comfort and convenience of a home office. Creating a contemporary setting in your office with style and sophistication is paramount in making a lasting impression upon your visiting customers or clients. Working within inspiring and appealing surroundings will enhance your productivity, making your designated work time more enjoyable and your space more inviting. Whether you have a cozy area that requires an understated floor plan or a large office that requires several components, your office can be custom designed to fit all of your business needs from seating and desk options to shelving and storage. All furniture types can be accommodated with a wide range of color availability in an array of wooden, metal, and glass finishes, as well as the most luxurious fabrics and leathers.

Office Desks

The desk in your home office is more than a work station. It is the hub of your professional setting, where you can conduct business operations, handle household finances, or sort and organize important documents, while offering a fashionable yet functional place to house your computer, supplies, and other electronic equipment. The design and versatility of your desk is a reflection of your professional image and your personal style, creating a focal point within the room to set the tone for the rest of your office décor. Table style desks provide contemporary minimalism infused with timeless elegance, while two sided desks deliver the perfect place for business meetings or private conversations. Choose a desk with a wooden, metal, or glass finish featuring organizational elements such as stationary shelving, cabinets, multilevel surfaces, gliding shelves, or drawers in one piece or as multiple components to fit into your contemporary office space.

Office Chairs

Complement your home office desk and décor with contemporary office seating that offers effortless elegance with ergonomic support to ensure never ending sublime magnificence. Today’s office chair is fashion inspired with the creative flair of retro-chic splendor to the refined enchantment of ultramodern opulence, featuring linear and convex shaped high and low back rests that are impeccably crafted with durable construction using polymer, fabric, and leather with foam padding options for cushion resilience and optimum lumbar support. Innovative adjustable headrests, optional armrests, multiple seat height positions, and tilt mechanisms provide neck support, along with additional seat and back comfort. Office chairs are available in fully customizable forms with a choice in stationary, roller, or swivel base options allowing you to choose from a spectrum of stunning neutral to vibrant color hues, an array of lavish smooth and textured finishes, and several striking leg and hardware preferences to reflect your personal style and taste, while elevating your home office interior design to the modern trends of today.

File Cabinets and Storages

Operating a business from a home office has become part of mainstream America and offers the benefit of cost effective overhead, as well as the convenience of a more flexible schedule in a contemporary work space that is only steps away. If you are not a business owner, the home office is just as important for maintaining your household finances and budgetary needs, keeping track of healthcare records for each family member, and maintaining personal, financial, and educational information for each of your children. Having the most appropriate storage components within your home office will help you to create a solid system of organization for all of your important business or household files, printed materials, and other sensitive documents. Choose a stand alone filing cabinet that offers a place for hanging folders or pick a filing cabinet that includes additional shelving, drawers for storing supplies, and cabinets for computer printers and other office equipment, along with various sized drawers to meet all of your office needs. Some filing cabinets and storage units are stationary, while others have locking wheels and most have drawer and door lock features to ensure privacy and security whenever needed. Every style is customizable in your preferred color, size, and finish to ensure that your home office is visually appealing, functional, and versatile.

Bookcases and Shelvings

Our personal belongings symbolize various aspects of our individual journeys, bringing life and character into our living spaces and often representing great sentimental value from the significant knick knacks that we have received as gifts and the framed photographs of our friends and loved ones to the special awards memorializing our life long achievements and the delicate trinkets that have profound meaning to us. Rather than storing your precious memorabilia inside of a closed box within a closet, down in the basement, or up in the attic, you have the option to showcase those valued items in a stunning and stylish bookcase or shelf for your visual pleasure. This type of attractive display is ideal within the living room, bedroom, or dining room to meet your organizational needs. Perfect for a home office or den, your favorite books for leisurely reading or work related materials will have a suitable location for convenient access, while sharing space with some of your electronic office devices and supplies. Beautifully designed for years of enjoyment and endurance, bookcases and shelving are crafted using only the finest materials available in a variety of classic and contemporary styles in different sizes featuring glass cabinet doors, open back or enclosed shelves, tall, short, wide or narrow dimensions, and an array of colors, finishes, and hardware to appeal to your design aesthetic.