7193 Teo Doro Ceramic Moneybox, Calligaris Italy


A magic box where you can keep all your treasures. Not to be hidden, but left on view to bringing a smile to anyone who sees it.
TEO DORO is a piggy bank for future travelers or a safe box for the contents of your pockets. Teo Doro has a fun tongue-in-cheek design and is made of matt ceramic. It has a cap so you can empty it and comes in various colors, ranging from a classic bubblegum-pink for nostalgia lovers to deep petrol blue for sophisticates
Special order only

L: 8.5 x D: 5 x H: 4.2

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About Calligaris

Every great manufacturer that we work with; their names are recognized across the globe. Popularity is not attributed to everyone, it needs to be earned. For over 9 decades Calligaris has been manufacturing furniture for the world to enjoy. A company that was originated in 1923, and has not stopped moving forward since. At first, Calligaris was responsible for producing only chairs. Throughout the development of the company, they progressed. Today, they are only of the largest; if not the largest manufacturer of Italian furniture in the world.

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