Contemporary living is driven by a stronger minimalist viewpoint based upon the popular precept that less is more with the notion that open space, clean lines, and decorative restraint are the key points to this pristine approach. Interior design experts recommend that the most effective way this theory can be achieved is by simplifying the setting and eliminating clutter with the removal of several household items from knick knacks to other types of ornamentation. However, there are not any rules that are etched in stone when styling your home and BDI offers a fashionable solution with their attractively versatile TV stands that will make it possible to configure a spectacular home theater system with elegance and complete organization, while providing the ideal storage space to exhibit all of your trinkets, mementos, and collectibles in a visually pleasing manner.

Semblance 5425-TL Home Theater

BDI’s Semblance 5425-TL Home Theater will create a commanding focal point of absolute symmetry and grandeur within your home featuring an open shelf concept that integrates this magnificent structure into your existing décor. Whether the dimensions of your television are modest or large in scale, this striking formation of break and bend resistant hardwood will accommodate a TV up to 65 inches in size, while offering a deluge of space to hold all of your electronic components for a comprehensive entertainment system. In addition, you will have several shelves available to display many of your personal objects and treasured décor.

Semblance 5454-GH Home Theater

The distinctive Semblance 5454-GH Home Theater is perfect for a more unassuming ambiance featuring an eye-catching asymmetric design with a series of accessible shelves great for electronic components sitting upon coordinating floor level dual cabinets for endless storage. An expanded top exterior of double width offers a generous area for displaying a TV in a variety of sizes and the addition of a 5-level side shelf with a matching lower cabinet completes this extraordinary and sophisticated assembly. Crafted from the finest wooden materials, this theater system will provide years of entertainment satisfaction, while offering plenty of concealed storage for items that require less visibility, as well as convenient open shelving to highlight your special ornamentation.

With BDI TV Stands, you can have the best of both worlds, creating a refined environment with a minimal aesthetic for your entertainment hub without having to relinquish all of your prized possessions.