Every great manufacturer that we work with; their names are recognized across the globe. Popularity is not attributed to everyone, it needs to be earned. For over 9 decades Calligaris has been manufacturing furniture for the world to enjoy. A company that was originated in 1923, and has not stopped moving forward since. At first, Calligaris was responsible for producing only chairs. Throughout the development of the company, they progressed. Today, they are only of the largest; if not the largest manufacturer of Italian furniture in the world.

As Calligaris advanced on the business front, their production also advanced. They began introducing other contemporary pieces of furniture. A company that started with chairs now has an inventory of Tables, Recliners, Sectionals, Sofas, Lights, Rugs, and much more. Some of the most popular tables in the world are made by Calligaris. The Hyper table, Omnia table, and the Tower table are among that group. Tables such as these created, offer much more than just ordinary dining. With extendable options for guest seating, they also offer either wood or tempered glass tops. With each top option, come multiple choices for leg and frame finishes in numerous colors.

Calligaris Tower Wood and Glass Table

Smart companies don’t ignore success. Calligaris success began with making chairs, and even today they are more popular than ever. Boheme chairs, New York chairs, and Chicago chairs all dominate the beloved chair category. Customers of this company are attracted by the unique customization each model offers. When discussing chairs, consumers choose between leathers or fabrics, specified colors for matching any room or other furniture, and chrome or wood finished legs.

Calligaris Omnia Table

In addition, Consol tables, Office chairs, Coffee tables, Desks, Mirrors, Beds, Bar tables, and Bar stools are among the additional items available. Calligaris prides themselves on four qualities:

  1. RELIABLE - A company based on a “can do” attitude and passion.
  2. INGENIOUS - It offers smart products, the brainchild of intelligent design.
  3. ACCESSIBLE - Accessibility in terms of price, use and adaptability.
  4. VITAL - A colorful and well-designed universe that dictates the style of Italian furniture.


Reflecting on customer feedback and satisfaction, it’s clear they meet their standards. This is a main reason this furniture is a consistent and dynamic choice for any contemporary home. As a direct seller of Calligaris, we offer a Quick-ship program with hundreds of items in stock for accelerated orders and deliveries. Special Orders are placed when buyers opt to customize certain pieces. In this case each item is then uniquely manufactured overseas and delivery and setup schedules occur within 3-4 months after orders are placed. Calligaris is, and will continue to be a primary choice for consumers in the modern Italian and contemporary style furniture market.