The Calligaris name is representative of contemporary elegance, innovative design, and impeccable quality. Among the many furnishings offered, the Calligaris table is the emblematic thread that cohesively connects every aspect of your furniture layout together with versatile utility. The seating within your living room would be disjointed without an accoutrement of accessible placement for beverages, reading materials, media remote controls, ornamentation or table top illumination. In your dining room or eat-in kitchen, enjoying a meal could not occur without a table to accommodate a full setting for presenting your prepared cuisine, allowing you to dine in style and in comfort from anchored sizes for a fixed number of residents to extendable options for entertaining additional guests during special occasions. Your home office will benefit from the beauty of a Calligaris office table as a distinctively progressive workstation for doing bills, working at home a few days a week or serving as the corporate hub for operating your own business.

Dine with absolute refinement seated at the chic Tokyo Dining Table. The X-formation of the wooden legs evokes a sense of artistic balance, while supporting your choice of a round or rectangular tempered glass top. The spherical version of this splendiferous example of modernity is ideal for a modest household unit or as a delightful breakfast bistro table. If you require a surface that is more expansive, the rectangular top can meet the needs of more individuals for regular daily meals, social gatherings or various household games and projects.

Tokyo Dining Table

The soft contours of the Orbital Dining Table form an intriguing oval silhouette that will transcend brilliance beyond the realm of possibility, enabling an optimal fit within the parameters of any atmosphere with effortless fluidity. Unlike predetermined styles, this unique haven of cutting-edge prowess showcases its advanced technology with an internally contained mechanism that controls the table extending system, moving two leafs in or out of place contingent upon the number of diners that you are serving.

Orbital Glass Dining Table

Another spectacular paradigm of the glass glamour produced by Calligaris is their eye-catching Shell Glass Coffee Table – a fashionable embodiment delineating the embracing essence of a shell to inject a hint of diversity and drama into your home’s seating area. The sleek tempered glass configuration of this beguiling structure exudes a liberating translucence that will generate an illusory effect of vastness, while lavishly creating harmony within its surroundings.

Shell Coffee Table

Give your home office a fresh look with the Calligaris Layers Office Table, featuring multiple levels of this exquisitely crafted artistic rendering with an elevated drawer, your primary work surface, and a third plateau to add depth for the perfect desk. The combination of hollowed metal and wooden veneer will provide feather light placement, while the alternating colors add striking intensity. This unparalleled table will ensure coalescence for the quintessential office locale.

Layer Office Table