Calligaris wants customers to have enough space in their home and have it all neatly organized. This is why they offer wall furniture for consumers to purchase for numerous rooms throughout the house. One of the wall units available is called Spacebox which offers a white array of storage space and also includes a cabinet that flips up and transforms into a shelf or work desk for owners.

Inbox Wall Unit

Calligaris also has Inbox. Inbox storage is contemporary styled and has several shapes and sizes for shoppers to choose from. It can be used for more than storage, with the sizable pieces it could even be used as a TV stand for owners. Horizontal Inboxes can stretch to 32 inches wide or 48 inches wide, vertical Inboxes stretch up to 48 inches high, and simple box shaped Inboxes are 16 by 16 inches. All boxes have the ability to open for customers to access convenient storage places for cable boxes, living room accessories, books, or even plates and kitchen ware. Inboxes are split into two color configurations, the box itself and the front cover facing outwards. The color options for the box themselves are White, Black, and Walnut colored, and can be mixed and matched with the outer cover colors of White, Black or Grey colored glass. The open and close mechanism is magnetic.

Inside Wall Unit

Another option for consumers regarding storage space would be the Inside. This model is very similar to the Inbox model and usually are mixed and matched together but instead of coming in individual wall pieces like the Inbox comes in, the Inside model can come either in one, two, or three pieces. The inside pieces can come individually as one box, or two boxes one frame, or three boxes one frame. Customers would then be able to decide whether they wanted to hang them on their wall vertically or horizontally for storage holding. These Inside models are available in three colors; White, Pea Green, or Grey and make awesome options for any storage in a living room, bathroom, bedroom, or where ever you need more space.

Calligaris has plenty of inventory for house or apartment owners if they are looking for a stylish and contemporary style way to store any items around the house. It not only allows this ability for use, but also gives any room in the house a fancy décor look.