The living area of seasons past was a minimal delineation of the average square and rectangular forms from the specific dimensions of a room to the individual components and their coordinating configurations. While the classic furniture design and layout originated from an old world philosophy depicting family life within most residential households, offering a conservative viewpoint with heavy emphasis upon basic uniformity – the style of today’s home furnishings has evolved into a plethora of infinite possibilities. Resoundingly innovative, Modloft has taken the time-honored canvas of tradition and added an intensifying explosion of pure artistry featuring a wide range of distinctive shapes and varying textures, along with an array of design intricacies that heighten the functionality of each piece, beginning with the coffee table. This essential accoutrement, often revered as a standard living room accent serves with extraordinary versatility in visual appeal and utilization.

Dorcet Coffee Table

The sleek and inspiring silhouette of the Dorset Coffee Table maximizes floor space with its inverted tapering down into the curtailed diameter of its solidly crafted hardwood base, while offering a spacious and shimmering glass top surface for convenient placement and optimum use. This simple yet refined element of contemporary furniture ingenuity can blend into any interior design augmenting its surroundings to fit within your desired theme or creating a new look of unconventional luxury.

Adelphi Coffee Table

The stunning Adelphi 8 inch Coffee Table delivers functional sophistication paired with its beautiful 12 inch counterpart offering a flattering multidimensional combination of two round table tops adorned by an elegant layer of leather softness and supported by the enduring strength of polished stainless steel legs. Ideal as singular pieces of your preferred height or together as an Avant Garde fusion, you will not be disappointed by this table’s ability to enhance your living space as a decorative, yet utilitarian focal point.

Dean Coffee Table

Unlike the quintessential four-sided living room accessory, the contemporary Dean Square Coffee Table is anything but simple with its linear definition and pristine decadence upon a lustrous lacquer finish adjacent to its perpendicular demarcating furrows. The touchable reflective surface sits upon a break, bend, and noise resistant hardwood foundation boldly framing itself within an Asian influenced low-rise stance for the epitome of favorable spatial positioning.

The living room furniture that you purchase is a long term domestic investment with an objective of frequent use and prolific resilience from seating to ornamentation. With an endless variety of silhouettes, sizes, and colors, Modloft customizes each coffee table, as well as their other furnishings for every consumer with unwavering quality, meticulous craftsmanship, and luxurious beauty to achieve an accurate reflection of your personal style while meeting all of your functional and aesthetic needs.