A ubiquitous component of seating distinction, the sofa lives infinitely within the core of every household as a soft place to fall after an arduous day, a gathering place to converse with friends and family, and the first brush stroke upon a domestic backdrop, setting the tone for the portrait of your home’s interior décor. Poised for continual success, Nicoletti captures all facets of function and form with Artisan technique, colonial luxury, and unconventional artistry to enhance this time-honored element while accommodating consumer diversity worldwide.

Serena Sofa

One of Nicoletti’s most innovative pieces, the Serena Sofa stands upon its own sophisticated laurels with its luscious leather exterior, extraordinary adjustable and comfort extending armrests, and the depth enhancing backrests, designed to offer unrivaled versatility, comfort, and ergonomic support within a home of varying needs and unique tastes. This distinctive display of creative mastery will fit perfectly within a modestly sized living space adjusting to its surroundings, in the large living room of a traditional home as a spectacular work of art, or in a home office as a dramatic seating component during a business meeting.

Hip Hop Sofa

The Nicoletti Hip Hop DIV830 Sofa will awaken your imagination and introduce bold adventure into your living space with its creatively shaped silhouette and pronounced delineation, from the smooth slope of the commanding armrests and the plunging and reinforced seat cushions to the pillow topped backrests and the ingenious mechanically powered recliners with its quiet open and close motion, operated from an effortless, built-in touch pad control.

Megan Sectional

Offering significantly more than what meets the eye – the divine top grain Italian leather Megan Sectional reveals its functional magnitude with the simple push of a button transforming this beautiful illustration of contemporary excellence into three individually controlled reclining chairs with whispering motion allowing soothing relaxation while reading the daily newspaper in the living room after work or for a spontaneous afternoon nap over the weekend, as well as comfortable, convertible, and stylish seating within your recreational home theatre.

Romeo Sofa

The Avant Garde style of the breathtaking Romeo Sofa reaches beyond the realm of contemporary ingenuity resting upon the resolute strength of its glistening polished metal legs and its whimsical illusion of levitation. You will enjoy years of blissful seating with its superior quality of break and bow resistant hardwood construction, indulging foam filled comfort, supple soft cushioned armrests, and internal seat reinforcements, along with its skillfully designed adjustable headrests adding stalwart support to the head, neck, and shoulders for the ultimate in lumbar alignment.

The effortless cohesion intrinsically enmeshed within every Nicoletti Sofa is a true testament to the unwavering craftsmanship and cutting-edge design of spellbinding magnificence, appealing to an international demographic of harmonious furniture fashion.