Award yourself with the liberating joy of the all-encompassing indulgence that you deserve sitting upon the veritable lavishness of a sofa designed by the highly acclaimed European furniture manufacturer, ROM of Belgium. This pantheon of artistic dominance is opening the gates of luxury with ground-breaking genius, striving to grace every home worldwide with the staggering beauty of their household furnishings. Creating each piece with a commitment to excellence, superior quality, and unimaginable comfort, the ROM Designers are motivated by an inherent passion for contemporary sophistication and the epitome of pioneering craftsmanship. Every piece is custom built to maintain an elevated set of standards meeting the multifaceted and diverse needs of a wide-ranging clientele for aesthetic appeal, physical caliber, and ergonomic sustainability.

Why choose a traditional color when you can audaciously nuance your living space with the captivating Zelos Sofa in dusty lavender, which will soften a rigid backdrop or introduce eye-catching flair to a blank canvas. Available in your choice of soft fabrics or supple leather, this attractive and plush seating component features clever adjustable functions allowing you to adapt the headrests and armrests individually for optimum alignment from the head and neck to the shoulders and arms. In addition, if you love this style, you might enjoy adding its companion pieces to your living room configuration for a complete portrait of elegance.

Zelos Sofa

Continuing with the advanced technology of ROM’s extraordinary designs, the Abano Two-Tone Fabric Sofa will also impress you with its comfort adjusting headrest that bends precisely to your desired position not only for the ideal head support, but also to offer the best seating posture for the lumbar and thoracic regions of your back. The pillow top arms can be moved up or down through its internal ratchet system to your preferred spot allowing your arms to rest comfortably or providing you with a soft place for your head when stretching out for a little relaxation. Choose the varying earth tones for a neutral palette, something more dynamic in color duality, or a solid fabric or leather contingent upon your residential motif.

Abano Two-Tone Fabric Sofa

The Brissac Sofa renders a more eclectic character with its high back, curvaceous undertones, and furrowed delineations surpassed by the resilient magnificence contained within its dense foam padding from the thick arms to the cushioned back, as well as the seats, which are reinforced with an intricate network of elastic webbing, promising years of unwavering endurance. This piece can also be adapted for individual power reclining in your choice of colors, textures, and stitching.

Brissac Sofa

Raise or lower the wide padded armrests for your perfect comfort level or adjust the optional high headrest to give your neck and head the ultimate in ergonomic support with the Dione Sofa. This sleek example of contemporary panache will be fabulous in a flawless leather covering or in touchable fabric upholstery, while heightening your senses with its breathtaking and lasting quality.

Dione Sofa

The best part of the ROM experience is that you can choose any sofa as a foundation to build upon customizing it fully with your distinctive taste, style, and preferences, to ensure that your living room furnishings will be stunningly inimitable.