Whether your living space features the grandeur of a mansion, the traditionalism of a house, or the contemporary flair of an apartment, only you can define your home through the quality, comfort, and versatility of your surroundings. The modern sofas of today offer lush indulgence infused with a veritable arsenal of ingenuity to deliver an array of interchangeable and functional options for seating and sleeping. A stylish sofa bed or sleeper is an expression of creative artistry and domestic sophistication providing sleeping alternatives for every type of home.

Ischia Sofa Bed

The Ischia Sofa Bed by Gamma International is a stunning example of effortless luxuriance with its timeless linear sofa design and precision craftsmanship, featuring blemish free top grain Italian leather and reinforced cushion suspension for seat resilience that opens into a seamless and bar free bed of tranquil relaxation, embracing you with astonishing comfort, while revolutionizing the sofa bed industry.

You will never have to send an overnight guest away to a hotel again, because you do not have a spare room. Your sofa bed will provide an inviting place to sit during the waking hours and transform into a cloud of respite in only moments, turning your living room into a stylish interim guest room for the night. With today’s technology, many sleepers transition with the use of mechanical enhancements that feature sofa cushion and bed pillow restraint systems for smooth, swift, and maintenance free opening and closing.

B764 Sofa Sleeper

Living within an unassuming residence of minimal furnishings or a lavish metropolis style studio has become a fashionable yet cost effective trend. This enables you to maximize your space with key pieces that easily convert within seconds and offer clever storage options, while removing the clutter and stress from your life for sleek contemporary living and a bigger bank account. The B764 Sofa Sleeper is another illustration of Italian Artisan skill with its retro-inspired lines, top grain leather suppleness, and flawless allure. The dimensions of your home, large or small will not matter, because its size will be eclipsed by the beautiful design and function of your spectacular home furnishings.

Whether you need a sofa bed or sleeper as an extra bed for your visiting guests or as an integral part of your daily living, you will not be disappointed with the quality of a modern sofa that offers magnificent seating options by day and serene sleeping by night. Today’s sofa bed or sleeper does not have to be a last resort, because its undeniable comfort and impeccable structure will ensure that you select it as your first choice today and for years to come.