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Discover the solution for all of your dining room storage with graceful presence and contemporary flair featuring a stylish buffet or sideboard to hold your delicate fine china place settings, shimmering crystal glasses, and glistening flatware. Meticulously designed with Artisan craftsmanship, choose from designs offering cabinets with inside shelving, multiple small and large drawers, a combination of shelving and drawers, or open shelving for exhibiting your most attractive pieces. The versatility of a buffet or sideboard extends to other areas of your living space to be used as an ultramodern dresser combined with a chic mirror within your bedroom for storing folded articles of clothing offering a surface for perfumes, cosmetics, and jewelry boxes or can be placed as an elegant furnishing within your living room for storing photo albums, candles or books inside with framed photographs and knick knacks attractively placed upon the top surface. Built from break resistant materials for endurance, this fabulous display of timeless magnificence can be custom ordered in your choice of colors and sizes from an array of wood, glass, leather, and metal finishes, along with a variety of leg styles to bring effortless sophistication into any room within your home.

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  1. Sutton Sideboard, Modloft
    Sutton Sideboard, Modloft
    Storage should not be boring. This utilitarian piece will beautifully meld into any dining space, offering ample storage in a stylistic design. The elegance of this piece is retained by seamlessly placing the storage beneath its detailed fluted door design, creating the perfect space to tuck your favorite dining trays, china, and linens. The sideboard is wrapped in a natural wood veneer, providing a unique contrast to the matte lacquer doors. Housed on a contrasting steel base, the Sutton dining sideboard is a functional, stylistic design piece that will compliment modern dining spaces. Learn More
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  2. Mott Sideboard, Modloft
    Mott Sideboard, Modloft
    Angled cut-outs accent the wood grain of the Mott Sideboard's body, also serving as hidden handles for easily opening the buffet's two sets of double doors. Inside, a total of ten spaces and two smooth-gliding drawers offer plenty of storage space for your flatware and other dining room needs. The low-profile sideboard sits on a black powder coated base with feet splayed in rotating directions for a quintessential contemporary look. Contrasting interior colors present a cool modern appearance. Learn More
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  3. Kenley Sideboard II, Modloft
    Kenley Sideboard II, Modloft
    What treasures will you store inside the Kenley hanging sideboard? Whether it is your grandmother's fine china or your spirits and glassware, it remains safe within the striking sideboard that literally floats off the floor. Think it is crazy that this piece of furniture can be at once both grounded in its strength and ethereal in style? Don't be—it is just another day in the design room for us. The rounded, outer shell of strong composite wood finished in natural walnut veneer creates a beautiful canvas for whatever you choose to place on top. The matte-lacquered door fronts with matching finger pulls are in beautiful contrast with the shell and together form a yin and yang aesthetic perfectly at home in any decor. Learn More
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  4. Kenley Sideboard, Modloft
    Kenley Sideboard, Modloft
    Store your dining ware in style with the unmistakable Kenley Sideboard. Wrapped in warm wood and rounded at every corner, the Kenley exudes a natural cascading aesthetic. Below its surface, contrasting metallic paint lines the underside along with two sets of double doors. When opened, they reveal four expansive shelves and one full-extension drawer with walled-off sections for your cutlery. Learn More
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  5. Fletcher Sideboard, Modloft
    Fletcher Sideboard, Modloft
    Your dining sideboard is much more than a space to house linens and trays. It is an opportunity to choose a furniture piece that will showcase how a storage space can elevate the overall design of a room. The Fletcher dining sideboard does precisely that, melding elegance and practicality with its clean lines and luxurious design. The scratch-resistant ceramic top with black marble effect is stunning on its own or will provide a beautiful surface to present your culinary dishes. Finished in a Bavaria imported smoked oak natural veneer, the low profile sideboard is equipped with a pair of doors and three drawers offering plenty of space to house all of your dining room extras. Partner it with the other Fletcher pieces to create a space that evokes pure elegance. Learn More
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  6. Christopher Sideboard, Modloft
    Christopher Sideboard, Modloft
    The Christopher Sideboard Buffet offers simple, refined design. Ultra thin casing with 45-degree mitred joints with four smoked mirror doors add edgy appeal tempered by elegant powder-coated legs. Doors feature European smooth operating push-open hardware. Ample compartment and drawer storage as well as shelving add up to a dinnerware dream, while a two-tone (interior-exterior) matte lacquer finish creates unexpected dynamic contrast. Fixed position shelves. Optional center leg included. Learn More
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  7. Christopher Highboard, Modloft
    Christopher Highboard, Modloft
    The Christopher Highboard Buffet offers a graceful storage solution thanks to a 16-bottle wine compartment, three standard drawers, shelving and plenty of space for all of your dining accessories. Ultra thin casing with 45 degree mitred joints, with four doors finished in alternating matte lacquer and smoked mirror combine with European push-open door hardware and angled powder coated legs for the embodiment of utility chic. Fixed position shelves. Optional center leg included. Learn More
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  8. Brixton Sideboard, Modloft
    Brixton Sideboard, Modloft
    Offering ample storage in a classic silhouette, the recessed finger-pulls and adjustable German-engineered hardware of the Brixton Sideboard offer sleek and consistent performance. Built from solid composite hardwoods and finished in either high-gloss lacquer or natural wood finishes with distinctive walnut or brass trim. Its recessed plinth base prevents scuffing and allows the sideboard to float off the floor. Eight interior compartments behind two sets of double doors keep everything organized. Learn More
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  9. Barnes Sideboard, Modloft
    Barnes Sideboard, Modloft
    The Barnes Sideboard is a welcome addition to any modern dining room. Ultra-thin edges and a beveled design give the piece a sophisticated depth. Matte-lacquered cabinets and a miter-edged wooden frame balance sleekness and warmth, providing ample shelving and silverware storage. Intelligent architecture creates a floating characteristic that'll leave your guests in wonder. Learn More
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  10. Boutique Alta Cupboard, Cattelan Italia
    Boutique Alta Cupboard, Cattelan Italia
    Display your fine china and glassware in an elegant fashion with the help of the Boutique Alta cupboard by Cattelan Italia. The simple, rectangular structure features sophisticated tufted stitching inside the three-shelf interior that creates a textured diamond pattern. With interior lighting, it highlights all of the contents and makes it stand out in style. Each shelf level is sturdy and durable, holding items with ease, and the spacious top offers more decor opportunities. Thanks to fine Italian craftsmanship and the use of the best materials, this cupboard will be part of your modern dining room decor for years to come. Manufactured in Italy with incredible attention to detail and designed by Alberto Danese, the Boutique Alta cupboard comes with an array of leather and eco-leather upholstery options. The doors and shelves come in Fume glass, while the top is in frosted black glass, and the frame has a textured black metal finish.
    Sideboard with frame and feet in black embossed lacquered steel (GFM73), doors and sides in fumé glass with stripes in black painted glass. Top and bottom in black painted frosted glass, internal back covered and quilted in soft leather or synthetic leather as per sample card. Internal shelves in fumé glass. LED light.
    Special Order only
    Please call us for more info Learn More
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  11. Spiga Sideboard, Cattelan Italia
    Spiga Sideboard, Cattelan Italia

    Design: Paolo Cattelan
    Spiga cupboard by Cattelan Italia doubles as stylish, practical storage and display solution. The textured doors feature a swirling, leaf-like pattern to bring a touch of nature inside. Because of the multi-dimensional look, the design features an interplay between light and shadow for a cool contrast. Inside, there is plenty of space to store dishware and glasses, as well as whatever else you want out of sight. The top provides ample decor opportunities, as well. Place the cupboard alone or in eye-catching pairs for versatile effects. Manufactured in Italy to ensure quality and designed by Paolo Cattelan, the Spiga cupboard is easily customized. The frame, doors, and base come in different individual metal finishes to create a true one-of-a-kind look. Optional interior LED lights are available as well.
    Sideboard in embossed graphite (GF69) or titanium (M11) lacquered wood, Brushed Bronze, or Brushed Grey. Feet in graphite (GFM69) or black (GFM73) embossed lacquered steel. Partially mirrored inside and fumé glass shelves. Optional: internal led light kit.
    Price is for Spiga Sideboard L: 35 x D: 16 x H: 50
    The Spiga Sideboard ranges in price from $3998 to $4781 depending on the top material selected.
    Special Order only.
    Please call us for more info. Learn More
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  12. Atelier Curio, Cattelan Italia
    Atelier Curio, Cattelan Italia

    Design: Alberto Danese
    Display beautiful pieces of decor in style with the help of the chic Atelier curio by Cattelan Italia. The elegant silhouette features a triangular structure with a combination of glass, upholstery, and metal materials. With quilted stitching on the back interior, it creates a textured diamond pattern for a chic touch. Thanks to the five glass shelves, there are ample decor opportunities, and even though the glass seems fragile, it's strong and durable. Integrated interior lighting is a convenient feature, highlighting your belongings beautifully. Designed by Alberto Danese and manufactured in Italy with unquestionable quality, Atelier curio is easily customized. Choose between an array of leathers and eco-leathers for the upholstery. The frame comes in textured black, while the top comes in frosted black glass. There's a fume glass finish for the doors and shelves.
    Showcase with frame and feet in black embossed lacquered steel (GFM73), doors and sides in fumé glass with stripes in black painted glass. Top and bottom in black painted frosted glass, internal back covered and quilted in soft leather or synthetic leather as per sample card. Internal shelves in fumé glass. LED light. Learn More
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