Four Season Highrise W/Extra Bed

All the comfort, style, and quality you’ve come to expect from Istikbal are available on the Four Seasons High Rise.
The smart set includes a regular mattress and base that stores a spare mattress underneath.
The easy-to-operate mechanism lets you pull out and push up space next to the single-size mattress, converting it into a king-size mattress.
The top and spare Four Seasons High Rise mattresses both provide excellent orthopedic support thanks to the Bonel Spring System, one of the most developed spring systems available.
Layers of comfort and support foam, as well as foam encasement system, assure deep relaxing sleep to help you wake up rejuvenated.
The stylish quilting and gray handles match the gray upholstered sides and base perfectly.
Enjoy premium comfort sleep on an ultra-stylish modern base and mattress set without foregoing even the slightest of your quality expectations.

Dimensions: Bed: L: 40 x D: 78 x H: 24
Double bed: L: 40/38 x D: 78/71 x H: 24

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