Deimos Sectional Sofa, ROM Belgium

Versatility has new meaning with ROM, Belgium’s leading designer of innovative modular furniture featuring the sophisticated Deimos Sectional – a hallmark of absolute modernism with its inviting silhouette, wide pillow padded armrests, plush seat and back cushions, and its unique myriad of multi-position options utilizing the software enhanced ROM signature incremental system allowing for numerous 20 centimeter adjustments in various areas from the headrests to the length of this luxurious component for enhanced comfort. The endless customizable color, fabric, stitching, and hardware selections will enable you to create a seating element that will accommodate any area or dimension of your home with several interchangeable seating and sleeping modules for a fresh and contemporary look within your stylish home.

W: 69 x D: 118 x H: 41
custom sizes available

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