Nautilus Sectional Sofa, Gamma Arredamenti Italy

Nautilus sectional sofa with chaise is a remarkably inspirational display of elegance and stylistic ingenuity. Manufactured in Italy by Gamma Arredamenti, this sofa joins multiple elements together into a solution that suggests exquisite sophistication that complements any contemporary living space. Thanks to the soft cushioning and luxurious upholstery, it is one of the best seats in the house.
With a left or right configuration, Nautilus sectional sofa with chaise is available in two sizes to accommodate individual needs. The vertically oriented linear tufting is the sectional's main attraction, but a feather seat version is also available on request. With a solid wooden frame and metal legs, Nautilus is available in a variety of luxurious Italian leathers and fabrics, with the possibility of one or two-tone upholstery.
Price may vary depending on finish and size.
Special order.
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Part of the Nautilus collection
Solid wood frame with a 10-year warranty
Linear tufting details
Feather seat version available on request
Left or right configuration
Metal legs that come in various finishes
Available in two sizes
One or two-tone upholstery
Two-tone upholstery available on request
Leather and fabric upholstery options
The stitching comes in matching, lighter, or darker colors
Made in Italy
About Gamma Arredamenti
Gamma Arredamenti

There are few luxurious Italian furniture brands that people are willing to spend the extra money on.  One of them is Gamma. They are not only well known for their exceptional quality and customer satisfaction, but also their slick contemporary design. Gamma needs no introduction to the furniture market, consumers who know their leather, know Gamma. They manufacture all their products using the highest standard leathers, the rawest hides.

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