Mar Bed, Spain


Collection: Garcia Sabate Spain
Modern headboard although manufactured with numerous materials usually difficult to combine offers a soft, elegant and cozy bed look.
Wood veneer (Walnut veneer color natural), High gloss white lacquer and upholstered eco white leather central part with wood trimmings have been employed, as well as glass shelves and lights adding that little extra function and style.

QS Bed: W: 116 x D: 85.4 x H: 42.5
KS Bed: W: 132 x D: 85.4 x H: 42.5
Night Stand: L: 25 x D: 16.5 x H: 31.8
Single Dresser: L: 47.2 x D: 16.5 x H: 32
Mirror: L: 47.2 x D: 1.6 x H: 23.6
Double Dresser: L: 62 x D: 16.5 x H: 32

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FINISH : Natural WALNUT wood veneer with White high gloss lacquer. Eco Leather in white.
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