The country of Italy, it is known around the world as the epicenter of luxury in design. From the newest trends in fashion to home decor, Italy is where creative minds meet and magic happens. So it should be no surprise that this is where the Natuzzi empire began. Pasquale Natuzzi was born the son of a cabinet maker. Being the skillful youngster that he was, by age 19 he started his own shop of sofas and armchairs. With the help of three partners, they began to sell to the market within Taranto. Three years later he moved on to Matera where he had his first brush of experiencing the under-belly of supply and demand. He overcame all learning curves and by 1972 founded Natuzzi Salotti S.r.l.

Soon after, a fire damaging everything Pasquale Natuzzi had, sent him to Santeramo. These remain the headquarters today. Exporting to the Middle East started a few years later and by the 80’s Natuzzi hit the market in the U.S. Here the opportunity presented itself, to seize the idea of making a leather sofa not only for the rich, but for everyone. With the help of Macy’s, the sofa became a household item. Natuzzi designs pieces of furniture keeping its roots of Italy in mind, the art of creativity and luxury.

Natuzzi B795 Custom Sectional Sofa

Pasquale Natuzzi remains as the chairman, CEO and Group Stylist. The Natuzzi group continues to be the largest former Italian furniture company and in 2008 Pasquale was inducted into the American Furniture Hall of Fame. These achievements could only be reached and continue to flourish through dedication. Within the headquarters of Natuzzi is the Style Centre, here is where design and material trends from all over the world are studied by over 100 interior designers and color specialists. All of this research is then applied to every Natuzzi piece of furniture.

A design by Natuzzi will not only be unique but will have the workmanship unparallel to any other brand. Among the 6,000 drawings created every year by artists for Natuzzi, only 120 make it to the production stage. Within this production stage, pieces are made by hand so every step can be examined. Style, comfort level and materials are to be used in the most effective and useful ways possible. Designs are scrutinized to measure up to the Natuzzi brand. And this is why customers know they are receiving the best and having it delivered fast. By 1998 Natuzzi was able to create the offices of Natuzzi Americas along with a massive showroom in High Point, North Carolina designed by architect Mario Bellini.

Natuzzi B790 Sectional

Working with leather has always been a passion throughout the history of Natuzzi. And this is why Natuzzi is the leader within the industry and in the world. Only the supreme of hides are chosen and then worked thru 23 stages within the tanning plants. Natuzzi understands their consumer and knows how important options are. This is why they offer two types of leather, Natural and Protecta. Natural is what it sounds like. It is Natural, supple and the details of the hide are to be admired. To its grain, veining and natural pigment this is a feature to this leather. Protecta has layers of invisible protection. This is a great choice for furniture in a family room, it is strong and can handle life.

Natuzzi doesn’t limit themselves to just leather. The fabric selection is limitless as well. With research taking place within the Style Center, trends from all over the world impact fabric choices. From natural options like raw flax cotton to chenille, color choices are endless.Now Natuzzi has introduced the world to Natuzzi Italia shops. These shops hold the finest of all the Natuzzi products starting with the fact that everything is made in Italy. From lamps and accessories to living room furniture, Natuzzi Italia shops and galleries total in 612 around the world. Cities such as Athens, Rome, Milan, London, Paris, Madrid, New Delhi, Sidney, New York, Shanghai, Budapest, Seoul, Zurich. Our partnership with Nattuzzi has allowed us to create a new concept in shopping. By purchasing a variety of sectionals that are one of kind models, we can now offer this high-end product at an affordable price. Since the Natuzzi sectionals are considered floor models once displayed in our showroom, customers can come see and feel the reasons why we love Natuzzi. If the floor model doesn’t fit your needs you can choose from another model in our stock collection. This option allows customers to have their sectionals faster than ever before. Designing the sofa of your dreams is still an option by creating a custom order. Having as many options as possible to offer consumers makes Nattuzzi an easy choice.

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