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Our personal belongings symbolize various aspects of our individual journeys, bringing life and character into our living spaces and often representing great sentimental value from the significant knick knacks that we have received as gifts and the framed photographs of our friends and loved ones to the special awards memorializing our life long achievements and the delicate trinkets that have profound meaning to us. Rather than storing your precious memorabilia inside of a closed box within a closet, down in the basement, or up in the attic, you have the option to showcase those valued items in a stunning and stylish bookcase or shelf for your visual pleasure. This type of attractive display is ideal within the living room, bedroom, or dining room to meet your organizational needs. Perfect for a home office or den, your favorite books for leisurely reading or work related materials will have a suitable location for convenient access, while sharing space with some of your electronic office devices and supplies. Beautifully designed for years of enjoyment and endurance, bookcases and shelving are crafted using only the finest materials available in a variety of classic and contemporary styles in different sizes featuring glass cabinet doors, open back or enclosed shelves, tall, short, wide or narrow dimensions, and an array of colors, finishes, and hardware to appeal to your design aesthetic.

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  1. Bayard Bookshelf, Modloft
    Bayard Bookshelf, Modloft
    Create a literary getaway by presenting your favorite books on the beautiful Bayard bookcase. Available in two sizes, this easy to install floating wall shelves seamlessly blend into any space allowing you to create a custom wall unit to fit the needs of your home. The shelves are equipped with aluminum edges that prevent objects from slipping and evoke confidence to showcase even your most precious heirloom. The larger unit makes it easy to surround up to a 55-inch TV (on stand), with your favorite art pieces and family heirlooms, or opt for the smaller shelf design to provide an elevated space to bring forward artwork or literary favorites. For a wall to wall design, why not bring together both shelf sizes to create a sleek, fully customizable bookcase? Learn More
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  2. Trap Bookcase, Cattelan Italia
    Trap Bookcase, Cattelan Italia
    Unique and geometrically inspired, Trap bookcase by Cattelan Italia is sure to fetch you a ton of compliments. The funky silhouette features trapezoid-shaped cut-outs on the frame, with the same shaped shelves below each one for an eye-catching touch. Not only is this structure aesthetically pleasing but very secure and durable as well, holding books and pieces of decor with ease. Thanks to the use of the best quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, it is sustainable for years to come. Manufactured in Italy with incredible attention to detail and designed by Studio Kronos, the Trap bookcase is an ideal addition to any room of the house. Choose between different metal finishes to customize the product to your liking.
    Bookcase in titanium (GFM11) or bronze (GFM18) embossed lacquered steel. Wall anchorage is necessary. Learn More
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  3. Latitude Bookcase, Cattelan Italia
    Latitude Bookcase, Cattelan Italia

    Design: Ono Design
    There's no better way to keep your belongings organized and on display in style than with the lovely Latitude bookcase by Cattelan Italia. The structure features various sized shelves in three rows or columns, creating an asymmetrical pattern for a bold touch. With vertical and horizontal versions available, you can create versatile visual effects, depending on your tastes. Each compartment is spacious and sturdy, holding many books, memorabilia, and decor easily. Thanks to the timeless design, it fits in well with an array of Cattelan furniture, including sideboards, coffee tables, sofas, armchairs, and more. Manufactured in Italy to ensure quality, Latitude bookcase is available in wall-anchored and freestanding with base plate versions. The structure comes in different metal finishes to create a truly custom look.
    Bookcase in titanium (GFM11) or bronze (GFM18) embossed lacquered steel, each unit can be set up side by side or stackable. Wall anchorage is necessary if the optional ballast is not fixed. Learn More
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  4. Margo 5201 Shelf, BDI
    Margo 5201 Shelf, BDI
    Whether home to a library of books or displaying personal treasures, the Margo Shelf is an excellent addition to any living space or office. A soft-close sliding door helps to create concealed storage and can be aligned smoothly to the left, right, or center.
    Contrasting sharp horizontal lines with a minimal vertical steel frame, and accentuated by a colorful gliding door, the Margo collection makes a modern statement in design and function.
    Perfect for display, storage, or simply pulling a room together, these shelves partner naturally with pieces from other BDI collections. Learn More
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  5. Tresor Shelf Unit, Cattelan Italia
    Tresor Shelf Unit, Cattelan Italia

    Design: P. Cattelan & C. Rocchetti
    Shelf in titanium (GFM11) or black (GFM73) embossed lacquered steel and bronze mirrored glass. Learn More
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  6. Alfabeta Shelf Unit, Tonelli Design
    Alfabeta Shelf Unit, Tonelli Design

    Float or extraclear glass shelves with metal supports that can be positoned as you please. Learn More
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  7. Airport Bookcase, Cattelan Italia
    Airport Bookcase, Cattelan Italia

    Design: Giorgio Cattelan
    Airport bookshelf composition has a dual personality as a practical way to display reading materials and pieces of decor as well as a convenient room divider. The strong metal supports are installed into the wall and floor to make it a durable and sturdy piece of furniture. With various sizes shelves at different levels, it creates a geometrically inspired silhouette that stands out in style. There's ample space for belongings, and the adjustable shelves allow for easy customization. Manufactured in Italy with uncompromising quality, Airport bookshelf is a must-have product. The shelves come in an array of wood and lacquered finishes, while the frame is available in various metal options.
    Modular wall- or ceiling-hanging bookcase. Brackets and pillars in titanium (GFM11), bronze (GFM18), graphite (GFM69), white (GFM71) or black (GFM73) embossed lacquered steel. Shelves and containers in Canaletto walnut (NC), burned oak (RB), embossed graphite (GF69) or white (GF71) painted wood or Brushed Bronze.
    This item is available with a multitude of options and sizes, please call or e-mail to inquire. Learn More
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  8. Wally Bookcase, Cattelan Italia
    Wally Bookcase, Cattelan Italia

    Design: Philip Jackson
    Wally modular bookcase is the ultimate storage solution that ups the ante for organizational and decorative accommodations. Geometrically inspired and eye-catching, it makes a grand impression in any room in the house. Thanks to excellent Italian craftsmanship, it is durable for years to come and will be a staple piece of furniture. Made in Italy by Cattelan Italia and designed by Philip Jackson, Wally modular bookcase is available as a free-standing version (Base Unit) and three wall versions. Wally will not only correspond with stylistic needs but spatial requirements as well. Choose between an array of embossed lacquered MDF finishes for easy customization. The wall brackets are steel varnished with epoxy powders, and the adjustable feet come in plastic.
    Modular bookcase in titanium (GF11), graphite (GF69) or white (GF71) lacquered embossed MDF. Max capacity: kg 60 (105), kg 45 (65), kg 40 (B), kg 20 (P) spread load. Wall anchorage is necessary.
    Price is for Wally bookcase L: 49.2 x D: 10.2 x H: 24.4 in graphite (GF69) or white (GF71) lacquered embossed MDF.
    The Wally bookcase ranges in price from $1,218 to $2,664 depending on size and material options.
    Please call us for more info. Learn More
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  9. Swing Bookcase, Cattelan Italia
    Swing Bookcase, Cattelan Italia

    Design: Pierpaolo Zanchin
    Swing bookcase is inspired by geometry, denoting a unique mixture of practicality and aesthetics. The bold silhouette adds eye-catching style to the room and doubles as a way to display items and a modern piece of wall art. With strong and sturdy shelves, they hold reading materials and decorations with ease. It will be a staple piece of furniture for years to come. Manufactured in Italy, Swing bookcase is available in a narrow version, structures bringing a unique perspective to any element that is displayed within their boundaries. Designed by Pierpaolo Zanchin for Cattelan Italia, the bookcase is available in various embossed lacquered steel options.
    Bookcase in graphite (GFM69) or white (GFM71) embossed lacquered steel. Learn More
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  10. Loft Bookcase, Cattelan Italia
    Loft Bookcase, Cattelan Italia

    Design: Philip Jackson
    Bookcase in white (GF71) lacquered embossed MDF or Canaletto walnut (NC). Learn More
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  11. Drop Wall Unit, Cattelan Italia
    Drop Wall Unit, Cattelan Italia

    Design: Pierpaolo Zanchin
    Drop wine rack radically uplifts its surroundings with its innovative and sculptural profile. Aptly named, the structure resembles a drop of water to add eye-catching wall decor to the room. With strong and sturdy shelves and compartments for wine bottles, it keeps bottles and glasses organized for a convenient feature. Manufactured in Italy for Cattelan Italia, the wine rack minimally showcases its revealing modern aesthetic and its bold domestic significance. Designed by Pierpaolo Zanchin, Drop wine rack comes with a high degree of customization. The frame and shelves come in a broad array of metal finishes to create a one-of-a-kind look.
    Wall bookcase/wine rack in matt black (OP17), graphite (OP69), white (OP71) lacquered steel or in polished stainless steel with rack and shelf in matt black (OP17), graphite (OP69) or white (OP71) varnished steel or titanium (GFM11) embossed lacquered steel with rack and shelf in matt black (OP17) varnished steel. Learn More
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  12. Dna Bookcase, Cattelan Italia
    Dna Bookcase, Cattelan Italia

    Design: Studio Dainelli
    DNA bookcase is an unusual stand-alone modern marvel with possible utilization in any space of the house, be it the living room, bedroom, or office. Aptly named, the bookcase is inspired by the biochemical component of the human identity. By bearing the same structural shape, DNA bookcase features a double helix form spiraling vertically like a twisted ladder. The 13 parallel shelves can accommodate books and other display articles. Designed by Reverso for Cattelan Italia and manufactured in Italy, DNA bookcase is a must-have product. An array of metal finishes are available for the structure to create a truly custom look.
    Bookcase with 13 shelves in white (OP71), black (OP17) painted or titanium (GFM11) embossed steel. Learn More
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